Sunday, 17 February 2013

Meet the Gang

Rufus, The Doofus
He is a wild one, always pawing and biting the other pups.  
When he isn't playing, he wraps himself in blankets and sleeps on his back.
Olive, the runt.
She is small, but quicker on her feet cause she doesn't have a big puppy gut holding her down.
Oh, she is sweet, you can't help but fall in love with her.
Moose, cause he is BIG.
He is the gentle giant, a bit of a scaredy pants.
He is so soft and friendly, always wants to play with the other pups.

Jersey, named because of her cow-like appearance.
Sometimes you wouldn't even know she was there. 
 She can be quiet and well mannered, but a real trouble maker when she feels like it!
Bear, named after 'The Frizzy Bear'...
He is the sweetest little thing, loves to play with his big sis Nugget.  
He likes to sit and stare, and wag his tail.

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