Friday, 8 March 2013

Puppy Day Pass

Puppy’s First Day Trip

This weekend the puppies have a day pass to their new homes.  It is a great opportunity for the owners and the puppies to get used to each other for a few hours.  The first time out alone can be scary for the pups, but with a day visit, they get to return to their mom and litter mates to de-stress,  and continue to build confidence!!!
For the owners it is a quick test run to make sure they have everything they need and are prepared for a full time puppy!

Here’s some things to think about when you bring your pup home...


TuffLove Kennels will send you home with:
-A Toy and a Bully Stick
-A Puppy Pad (if you need)

You will need to have:
-Food and Water Bowl
-Collar and Leash (not totally necessary as they will not walk on a leash anyways)
-Dog Bed
-Baby Gate (if necessary)
-Paper Towels
-Vinegar (it is a safe cleaning agent and can help in house breaking)
-Poop Bags
-Puppy Pads
-Toys/Rope (encourage play with toys instead of shoes or couches)
-Clicker (may as well treat, click treat, click treat)


Before you bring your puppy home make sure that you have gotten on your hands and knees and viewed your home from the puppy’s point of view.  If there is 1 thing that you have forgotten, they will find it!

Puppies will put anything in their mouth, so we must protect them from danger.  

Look for:
Electric Cords
Table Clothes (they will grab it and pull everything off the table)
Ropes or Curtains
Objects on low Coffee Tables
Knick-Knacks on bottom shelves
Stairs (they are starting to get them, but they usually end up smacking their little chins on the bottom one)
Anything of value to you...yup they will eat it!

Put all Poison away:
Cleaners, bug spray, insect traps, oil/gas, antifreeze, paints, medicine, vitamins, hair care products, makeup items, nail polish/remover, pens, laundry products.


If you have a yard, review it the same as your house.  

Look for:
Plants that might get dug up
Holes in the fence
Poisonous plants (there are quite a few so look it up)

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