Thursday, 15 August 2013


I was checking out the latest Dog Annual Magazine (Official Publication of the CKC) and I came across some basic ideas of pet-etiquette.  
I thought I would share them, but keep in mind, they aren't all awesome!

Petiquette for Dogs:
(1) A well trained dog barks two to three times maximum at things of interest.  
Anything beyond that is excessive

(2) A well trained dog knows that it is not his right to "say hello" to every dog he sees.  A well trained dog understands that it is both rude and dangerous to rush up to a strange dog without warning.

(3) A well trained dog can sit quietly and calmly when his owners are busy.  Does not require constant stimulation and entertainment.

Petiquette for Humans:
(1) A responsible dog owner does not allow a dog to jump up on anyone, human or animal.

(2) A responsible dog owner gives treats to other dogs only after asking permission.  Some dogs are on dietary restrictions and unapproved treats could be unsafe.

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