Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What in the Dog is Happening Now?


I was wondering...and so I figured maybe you would be wondering also...
what are those dogs doing now?

Since they got their 8 week shots...

Which they all did really well with the needles...

We kept a couple of pups a little longer.  
Nugget didn't seem to mind tooooo much!

Butter has been chilling with her new BFF.  
And she has a new name...Nola
"Chunky Butter Nola Biscuit"...officially!!

Ruth has been getting her chill on in GasTown...shop doggin' it

Meanwhile...Nugget and Clover were camping out in Sloquet...a well deserved R&R!

Pikey aka Kitty Sanchez (for all you Arrested Development fans), spent the weekend out in White Rock in the big-dog chair, and on the big-dog run

(Butter) Nola was hanging out with Berry

Hippo was camoflauging

and doing this move...which I love!

And Never got a new name (Francesco) and a new friend!!!

No Big Deal!

(Butter) Nola and (Never) Frankie are going to confuse you....
2 red puppies, 2 black & white Bullys...
this is one of those 'small world' things!

Dibgy has been enjoying her new home with big sis Dune (from litter #2)

And now Pikey is back in east Van until her owners get back next week

All the pups are doing so well!  
We are sad to see them leave, but we are so excited about their new homes!
Another litter of perfect pups!  
Thanks Clover, you are the best dog-on mama out there!!

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