Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Staffybull Walk 2014

Another Staffy Bull Walk has passed and it was good to see everyone out.  
A lot of familiar faces....especially since half the dogs there were Tuff Love.
The last couple of years, the showings have tapered off, but I bet it is just in anticipation for the 30th Annual Walk which will take place next year.
I heard that the most SBT's they have had out was 43.  Lets spread the word and let people know that next year they HAVE TO BE THERE!!!

Nugget and Sunni from Litter #1

The red's from litter #1, Bubba and Nugget

Ahhhhh Digby!!!  Youngest/Oldest SBT at the walk this year

Tuff Love/Strathcona Staffys representing

The whole gang!!

Just hanging around sniffing butts

Tuff Love Kennels brought to you by .... these guys!

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