Monday, 27 July 2015

Thank you all for attending the 30th Annual Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walk!!
This year it was a Pool Party for the dogs due to the heat!  Puppies loved it!!

28 Staffys  at the 30th Annual Staffy Walk
       We counted 12 Strathcona Tuff Love Puppies!

Atlin &  Chris, Clover and Nugget at the 30th Annual Staffy Walk 

Ashley and Linda, Frisco and Beans at the Staffy Pool Party!


This is how Clover cools down!

Nugget when we change the sheets!
Strathcona Tuff Love Kennels
Gramma, Ashley, Linda, Atlin, Chris, Nugget, Clover, Frisco, Beans and the youngest puppy at the event was from Beans first litter....Dre!

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