Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dinner Plans?

In case anyone is looking for raw food ideas, here is a recipe from Leah... Lincoln gives it 2 paws up!
Here is Lincolns raw food recipe. Its not exact -  we just kind of 'eyeball' it. haha. Also, you can use whichever kinds of meat you like (not just beef/chicken/turkey). Also, I don't always use these veggies... I try to switch it up.

4 kg of ground beef
2 kg of ground chicken or turkey
2 pkg's of chicken hearts (Surrey Meat Packers)
2 pkg's of chicken livers (Surrey Meat Packers)
1 giant yam
2 zuchinis
a few carrots
a head of broccoli
6-8 hard boiled eggs 
4 cups of cooked quinoa (or brown rice)
1 cup bone powder (optional- dependant on whether or not your dog eats chicken necks, or other meaty bones regularly)

1. Put the beef and chicken in a large tupperware bin
2. Blitz the chicken livers and hearts in the food processor (pulse a few times - do not liquify). Add to the bin.
3. Juice the veggies and add the pulp and juice to the bin. If you don't have a juicer, you may want to just pulverize them in the food processor.
4. Blitz the eggs (shells on) in the food processor and add to the bin. 
5. Cook and cool quinoa or brown rice and add to the bin.
5. Add bone powder.

Put some rubber gloves on and mix mix mix! Portion in tupperware containers and freeze.
We feed Lincoln chicken necks for brekkie, then this mixture and green tripe for lunch and dinner. 
Let me know how it goes :) :)


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