Thursday, 3 October 2013

Love my Staffy

With the new BSL in place, what can we do to help?  Well, get upset and name call (like I did before my boyfriend edited my post)...
or we can create a positive demonstration of what these dogs are truly all about.  

I thought that since it is Pit Bull Awareness Month anyways, maybe it would be nice to put up our favourite Staffy pics.  If you have a picture of your Staffy/Bully breed dog being adorable, please send it my way and I will put it up on the blog -

Here is mine from a few days ago, I only wish you could hear her singing as she basked in the glorious last days of sunshine!!!

My Moaning Mom CLOVER OG Nuggy Bear!!!

Check out this report on BSL, it is an insightful and well educated piece.

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