Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sleeping & Eating

That's about all the puppies are doing, but they are great at it.  
Digby here is doing both at the same time.

All the puppies are getting big fat bellies, 
and Clover is up and moving after a few days of only rolling around in the whelping box.

Did you know...In the first week:
Puppies double their weight. 
They have a rapid central nervous system development.
They spend 90% of their time sleeping and the other 10% eating.
The puppies need constant attention from mom, as she has to stimulate the pups to pee and poo


  1. How many pups did she have? What colours?

  2. So beautiful! Congrats to the whole family, can't wait to see the gorgeous faces and little round bellies : )