Tuesday, 18 March 2014

St Patty Day Pups

7:36 yesterday morning and Clover popped!  Since she is the perfect mom, she knew to ask for help...and I literally woke up to a puppy being born in front of me.  She whelped for about 3 hours until the last pup came out.  

Nugget was the perfect big sister.  She spent her time as a quiet spectator, but wouldn't leave the room.  She laid next to me on the bed, sat next to Arlene on the floor.  She just waited patiently for a chance to get a quick sniff of a little guy, and when she did, she was so gentle (so unlike Nugget).
Clover and the pups will go to the vet today and I will update once we get a clean bill of health.

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  1. Congratulations guy's! Hope Clover and all the pups are healthy. Look forward to seeing the pics :-) Darren