Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Clover and I are in Puppy Withdrawl

Jersey has gone home, Nugget is in White Rock with a broken nail...its so quiet around here, Clover and I are in Puppy Withdrawl.
Clover is so sad she even resorted to major couch snuggling with me, as she crawled onto my lap and went to sleep...Clover NEVER snuggles like that!  Don't get me wrong, I'll take her snuggles anytime!  So while she laid on my lap, I of course didn't dare move incase I would wake her and she would take off...So instead, I texted the puppy owners asking for pictures to help get Clover and I thru the lonely days!

Got this one of Lincoln a couple days ago...He just looks like a little trouble maker!
Dune has had her shots and now gets to go to the park, where she is behaving excellently!!  But holy shit, when did she get so big?
 Oh the good times, when Jersey was here, hanging with mom on the trampoline!
 Rufus came for a visit on Monday, we ran him rugged and sent him home nice and tired!!
Dune stopped by again this weekend and had a good play with Clover and Frisco

Remember Pennylane from Litter #1?  I got these new pics, and had to share....she is adorable!

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