Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beans full preggo!

How many little beanie babies are in there?? We don't remember Clover getting as big as Beans so early, so we think she's carrying more... our guess is 8 pups!! We'll be getting an xray closer to her due date so we know how many to expect & make sure none are left inside her during birth

This is a typical meal for Beans: 60/40 meat to veg, today it's ground chicken, steamed cabbage & zucchini (leftover veggies from a soup I made the other day), then some cottage cheese for added protein while she is preggers, squirt of salmon oil & a spoonful of sea kelp powder on top. Later, she'll have a hardboiled egg for snack.

Gobble gobble!

Big mama definitely feeling uncomfortable, her organs are working overtime right now!

But belly rubs are still #1... puw-lease scratch my belly!!

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