Thursday, 1 January 2015

Beans is expecting! Strathcona Staffys litter #4

Happy New Year Staffy Lovers! We are so excited that our sweet girl Beans is expecting a litter in coming weeks, we've calculated her due date should be around January 20. She was bred with local staffy stud, Simba, who is a 5 yr old champion breed-standard brindle. This will be Beans' first litter and litter #4 for Strathcona Staffys that we've raised as a family over the past few years (the first three were from gentle mama Clover). 

We've just sent out an email with more details to a list of interested people who've contacted us over the course of this year, if you'd like to receive it, please email us at and we'll forward it to you. 

Expect lots of photos & updates coming soon!

Beans taking a break from fetch

Belly rubs, more please

Chillin' in a mud puddle with best buddy Frisco

Brrr! Cold days

What a stud! Handsome Simba

Simba the muscle man... er, dog

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