Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cute puppies alert!

As we head into Week 2, we're looking forward to the puppies eyes opening up around 8-10 days, and ears opening between 13-17 days old. Deworming also starts this week. Beans will be getting about 3x her normal daily food, to make sure she is getting enough to feed the pups and keep her own nutrients & energy up! Beans is spending less time in the whelping box as days go by, giving her body a break between feeding and allowing the puppies to slowly gain independence as they grow. She lies on our bed and watches them from above, too cute. We're trying to give her some extra attention for being such a good mama :)

The pups are like little squirmy burritos right now, starting to make crawling motions & squealing noises...

BIG yawn & stretch

Tired mama

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